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Jun 14, 2017 ·   General

As most of you know, we've had some starts and stops with the Florida Half Century website over the past year or so.  A player in the 50's Division approached our Tom Peterson at a recent tournament to ask why the site was taking so long to be completed, saying he could have had a new website up within a month.  The player, Tres Fenton of SB1 in the 50's, has played for Tom in a Monday night league in Clearwater, and Tom thought he was a pro photographer, not knowing Tres was primarily a web developer.

Tom took Tres and found Mike Knowles, and the introduction was made.  Within 2 weeks, we had an agreement with Tres's company, Florida Creative, to design a brand new Responsive website that would work on all devices, including smart phones.  We hope you like what Florida Creative has done for FHCASA, and Phase 2 of the site may include a Forum where players and teams can connect.  Stay tuned!


 Tres Fenton, I'll email Mike Knowles personally right now, and see if we can't get you in touch with some teams in your area.
Jul 28, 2017   05:33pm

 Michael Watts

Moving back to Florida (Fort Myers) in August have been trying for weeks to get half century to respond what now
Jul 24, 2017   07:52pm

 Tres Fenton

Mark, great ideas! The only problem with integrating it into the website's database is that there is no way to make it a Responsive page with the number of columns we have for both. We want all the pages to be able to be view from a smartphone, and that's the dilemma. We create modules for the FHC admins to use for Roster management, and I have been updating the points totals on the team lists. Thanks much for your input!
Jul 24, 2017   04:13pm

 Mark DeWar

Why not use mysql and phpadmin for the data entry and make the sch and points database driven ? Entry for those that do it would be easier and since the data is dynamic it would not need as much rewriting of the pages.
Jul 19, 2017   09:35pm

 Tres Fenton

Thanks very much, Bryant and Glenn! I will keep trying to improve the site with new features as we can. My main goal was to create a site using my company's custom Responsive Content Management System (CMS) that would make it easy for players and coaches to view everything right from their phone, even while at the tournament. We are a bit limited to display the schedule and points on a Responsive page because they are big tables, but we are trying to figure out a solution. Until then, you'll have to download those 2 files. I think the orange and blue look great (Go Gators!!!), and I picked the colors due to the existing logo color ;-)
Jul 17, 2017   09:17pm

 Glenn Elmer

Really like what was done. Great job by all for getting a top notch website. Thank you Tres for recognizing our needs and asking the question.
Don't know about the blue and orange colors (Go Noles!!!) but other than that glitch, great job!!!
Jul 08, 2017   04:02pm

 Bryant Thorpe

Glad to see site up. Makes it a lot easier to find information, especially addresses of fields.
Keep up the good work.
Jul 07, 2017   04:42pm


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