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When Florida Half Century was in its growing stages, all divisions played on the same weekend of each month because it was easy to schedule that number of games on a weekend of softball. As the Association grew, it became too cumbersome to schedule all the teams on the same weekend especially since older eyes don't work as well under the lights.

After analyzing the breakdown of the teams we discovered that there were nearly the same number of 50+ teams as there were 60+, 65+, and 70+ teams and we could schedule two weekends per month, one (the first weekend of the month) for the 60+ and over group and one (the third weekend of the month) for the 50+ group. This also fed the growth somewhat because some players who were in the 60+ group were now able to play two weekends per month and helped to create more teams. If a holiday or special event interferes with the date that we would normally schedule, then the weekend is adjusted, i.e., if January 1st is on a Friday, then we will not hold the 60+ tournament on that weekend we will move it back to the 2nd weekend.


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